by Cruising Fibonacci

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released May 30, 2013


tags: world Seattle


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Cruising Fibonacci Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: dead
Drownded your self
Did it help you realize your selfish
Did that thought alone leave you helpless
Couldn't help it, that's some bullshit
I hope that we will be together
I think we'll need a hand in our lives
When things get trife when people die firefights no blind eyes
I put my hope in people during the impending destruction of money
I'll wait and see earth to begin to change me
It's right there alive
When hope goes, so does the growth slow
Track Name: Bustervisits
I found my dog
He visits and he died
The things that make me happy don't need to be
Will you help find everyone when I die
Kashe will help me find
Telepith kisses, hugging awareness, channelled in
Not coping, I'm in everything
Pieced some peace of mind, quit skewing your love inside
I am just looking for someone to touch me
Kashe will help me find
Quiet in the words
A mind a one thing at a time
Content in being amazed at something then you're fine
Sound waves slithering out mouths the swirl through our ears
Track Name: blue
Been lately things, I've been running
From all of this hate and evil people, a man with no legs
I don't want to see the evil
But I've got to, to feel what's real
We all get hate in our hearts somedays
I got hurt, trying to help, Kashes figuring out the empathy
Now always form and emptiness mold
Now always form and emptiness hold the big soul I kiss it so
How's a go when theres no go, Kashe helps stop scrambles hold
I've seen god shatter a man
Track Name: comeover
Kashe's here in my soul
I come around, then kiss these twiste souls all over
I'm over here come over
Baby bug, I wanna kiss your O
Your whole
And I don't want to miss you anymore
I saw you for the first time and almost cried
Thank god, there is the essence
I am in love, what a dream
Mine as well be there
Kashe is here in my soul, right? Always
Kashe shows me in actions the things that I deserve
Come over
Track Name: Satan
You've been hiding from some dark truths
Hey babe let me show you some people getting murdered
Childs crying for their mothers but they don't show
And yet it's still heavenly
Wise man once said the paradoxes resolve themselves
Things aren't unruly big picture every things everything in it self
I want you to just feel a wave
Megalomanias got you,
Oh so serious, take it easy, go hug something quick
You know it's everyone, instead of another, how bout have it all at once
Then things can be so fun, some sex with a brain
But clean it up once your done
Life is part hallucination
Splitting part in between before and then there is after
Track Name: Demoentor
Use to see, took what they could now your eyes bleed
Think your good, except you've been numb
Since your birth an essence drowns
You know you could stop thinking separate waters
There goes those words trudging along
further out the more you get gone
With no answers continuum
Half heartedly doing it wrongs, worse than whole heartily being gone
Toy with senses, there is a feeling on our side
ankh's been resonating
Quit your deity fearing hun
Manifested something in one place or another
Made this one absolute thing and I made it for me
I just can't wait for you to come and be here with me
Track Name: Florence
Letter to my own Demon in my soul
I want the self doubt to go
Im fine, but you dwell, lethargic death wish
I stopped wish, it then freed me to make what I please
Track Name: megamega
I went to megamega and looked around and felt the dust
So what I'm lost
I never really cared for place, I'm not lost if I made the space
In between it, that's where we met Kashe helps the words that we say
Made my own god damn fourth wall, is it in reason, cause it is fun
I Me Mines lending out, amusement of the doubt
looking for ways out, the thirst is no way out, your death is no way out
You crucify yourself, go do it by yourself
Track Name: Kashe Made It Love
Wind blinds her eyes, white noise, she hides
Her parents hate her when she cries
No one offered to help, ugly and not your kid, so young to be alone
Hypnotized her own self, Kashe made it love
Then her body washed up shore
Then her parents felt they did wrong
Still placing blame on each other
Controlled by instinct
embedded in conceit
Being thirsty to please
Chemicals in body help you feel good
Track Name: ontri
I strolled around, peace in the clouds, raw love, always near you
Our love is not our own love
Our love is not our own love to hold away from everybody
Found myself in a building, yup put up the walls all by myself
Then made myself forget buildings, then I felt like my old self
Damn those tumors growth, I'll just hang out in the entities
Cause it's where I'll end, deep in omnipotent energy
I would hump a halo, if it felt right I wouldn't think about it much
Lamentation is what we need
So we can see that inside everybody we aren't separate
I want you to have some feeling
Kashes bleeding, easy or filthy, ultimately it is your own choice
Track Name: ortuo
Her pale cheek was once against me
I had failed with spelled illusions
Physical world continuum nothing essence of something
Not eluding but don't comprehend until we die
Meddling in vain perceiving desperately the deeds will on your own energy
Contradicting objectives for somethings
Kashes eating flesh with love in her eyes I feel nature continues moving
Inertias been crossing planes
We all do other things in our dreams